take control of



Not just a casual observer, be in full awareness and an active participant in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  Each consultation is designed to help you take charge of your life by approaching wellness in innovative ways and being curious enough to dig deeper than the basic symptomology conducted in many popular approaches. 


Your Greatest Self.


"Who are you?"


Could you respond to this question in a way that is not based upon titles, labels or any other expectations placed upon you by family, friends, society and even yourself?


Have you lost track of who you really are and what you want?  


Let Connect Counseling help you re-discover the person that you have always been but neglected for so long.



For those completely dedicated to enhancing their health on all levels.


All are welcomed! Whether you just want to enhance a balanced lifestyle or have a chronic history of mental health concerns.


All that is asked of you is the dedication to begin the change.  


All that is expected of you is to be an active participant in your life.

          ffHave a seat.

stop wishing....

Get your anxiety under control.


Stop bouncing from medication to medication hoping to find some modicum of relief.


Stop wondering why the ADHD/anxiety/ etc. medication isn't working.


Stop wondering what can be done about your child's reading/writing difficulties.


Stop following the cookie cutter treatment for common diagnoses.


Start re-connecting within the spirituality you identify.


Start using food as medicine.


Start healing from those past traumas both large and small.


Start realizing that you are an individual and you need a complete and total treatment plan that is designed specifically for your needs.  











"I need someone to effectively integrate my spirituality into my mental health."



"I'm preparing for deployment and I need to be as combat focused as I can possibly be."



"So much is happening, I need to take control of my health."



"I am tired of taking this medication: Isn't there another choice?"




"I'm an LCSWA, I need affordable supervision."




"I was told that it's ADHD, but I don't want her taking medication."




"No worries, I just need a place to vent."



"I want to integrate a healthy lifestyle with my medical treatment plan"




"I need new ideas to help me with my child's behavior."



"I need someone who understands the Autism Spectrum."



"Why is my child struggling so much with homework?"